West Point Grey United Church


Baptism is a sacrament in the church – a visible expression of the grace of God. It is open to both children and adults as a symbol of God’s love which surrounds our lives from the moment of our birth to our last sigh. In baptism, we are also welcomed into the church as part of the family of faith, and commit ourselves to the way of Jesus Christ. Baptism is celebrated as part of our Sunday morning worship – in the midst of others on the Christian path who commit themselves to support you on your spiritual journey. If you are interested in baptism, please call the church office at 604-224-4388.


We at West Point Grey United Church rejoice with you in the love you have found with one another. We invite you to plan your special day using our beautiful facilities. Join us for worship at 10:30 a.m. on any Sunday and view the church. You will hear the Casavant organ and grand piano and see our lovely stained glass windows. If Sunday is not convenient for you, please call the office and make an appointment to view the church during weekdays.

We welcome couples of all ages, cultural heritages or sexual orientation who desire to enter into a committed, loving, life-long relationship. Interested in holding a wedding at West Point Grey United Church? Please call Sonia in the church office at 604-224-4388 to arrange an appointment.

Celebrations of Life

A loved one has died. Our prayers and sympathies are with you. At West Point Grey United Church, we would like to help you through this difficult time and offer the comfort and love of God. If you would like a service to celebrate the life of your loved one, please contact Sonia in the church office at 604 224 4388.